The legacy Mystique was full featured.
Some things were fixed, nothing was removed, and we will add some more features from time to time.

The main advantage of mystique is the large number of its possible settings, and many feature out of the box, thus avoiding the need for many plugins.

SEO Ready

  • SEO titles and meta description
  • Post title within a H1 tag
  • Compatible with WordPress SEO from Yoast
  • Optionnal Breadcrumb with wordpress SEO.
  • Functionnal pagination, without the need of a plugin


  • Many many customisation options.
  • Several page templates, with or without sidebar; sidebar on the left or right.
  • Several subthemes (blue,green,grey,red)
  • monetisation ready


  • A fixed Twitter timeline widget
  • 4 widgets in the footer
  • configurable sidebars


Shipped with many languages out of the box, translation ready.
No string is left untranslatable !

Got another translation ? just send it, we’ll add it.

Is that all ???

Do you think something important is missing ? Just let us know !

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