Why Mystique 2 ?

For us, Mystique v2 from digital nature was a nice theme, with some useful features out of the box, thus eliminating the need of many plugins.
Then, version 3 came out, and broke many things.

We wanted to fix all this, so we started from the “old” (but solid) version 2, fixed some nuts & bolts, then made it work with the latest WordPress Version.

In order to avoid versioning and updates problems, this theme is now labeled “Mystique 2″.

Who we are ?

A bunch of WordPress enthusiasts, who consider the legacy Mystique theme as part of the WP history and want to see it live another life :D

What’s our goal ?

First of all, we wanted to make Mystique compatible with the latest WordPress.
It’s done.
We maintained full compatibility with the original settings of the mystique 2 theme.
That is, you can take a very old WP with the legacy Mystique theme, install Mystique 2 and upgrade WordPress to the latest Version, it’ll work.
You do NOT have to live forever with an old WP install. Enjoy !

Then, we’d like to make Mystique evolve. Some things are broken, some features are missing or need to be updated.
We believe the theme still has a place to hold.
Let us know about your expectations, about what you’d like Mystique 2 to do, and we’ll do our best.

  • #1 written by Jana Jopson
    about 10 years ago

    This was my theme of choice when I switched from WP.com to WP.org. It has been a pleasure to work with – and while I do my own basic maintenance, I have a wonderful WP guru to help with some of the behind the scenes customizing. I’m very glad your team decided to keep this theme in the game.

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